About Martha

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Martha has been called several names. Of course, one of them is having daddy issues. But what do you do when you are just really into older men? Do you resist? Do you cave in to what other people will say?

Martha Maker who was twenty years old when she started dating men who were ten years older than her. She said that there is no other feeling than knowing that you are secured. Older men tend to have figured out life and will guide you with your decisions. They have the wisdom to handle things differently that younger women may not have.

Martha thinks that it should not be an issue if women want to date older men. Besides, sometimes it is not even a choice. It just happens. She wants to share with her blog the ups and downs of dating older men, just in case you are still thinking about it, in a relationship with one, or just trying to understand this kind of setup.

She also finds joy in reading the stories of her readers, so make sure to send us yours, too! Enjoy!