The Perks of Dating Older Men

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Having an older boyfriend is not a taboo anymore. Of course, some people may still frown upon it, but it is mostly a natural thing nowadays. How old is old? That is an entirely different matter.

Anyway, dating a mature guy has its upsides, and you should not dismiss older gentlemen just because they’ve passed a certain age. The age differences nowadays seem to be less visible because men started practicing grooming rituals that do wonders for their appearance.

It is not uncommon to see a super handsome man well after 35, so why not give him a go. In our youth-obsessed culture, we started to believe that young is better, but when it comes to men, the truth may be quite the opposite.

Teenagers will probably find this idea weird, but for girls after 25, dating an older man can be refreshing and fun. After all, without a bit of experimenting, how well can we know ourselves and the world?

They Are Confident, and That’s Hot

Mature men have real confidence thanks to their experience and learning. Most younger dudes will only seem sure of themselves, but when you get to know them, you realize that they are just insecure boys looking for approval. That is just not hot. 

It’s not that we don’t understand that insecurity is a part of growing up. We just want to be with someone who is above petty quarrels, lies, and deception. If you feel the same way, dating a mature man will be an eye-opening experience.

These guys became confident by knowing themselves and making all the right and the wrong choices in their youth. Now, they are at a time when they can make proper decisions and stand behind their beliefs.

When paired with good looks, confidence is such a turn on, especially when it’s genuine, effortless, and accompanied by a sense of humor. 

They Are Financially Secure (Also Hot)

This is not about you being dependent. It is about being with someone who does not have to struggle with money all the time. Younger guys rarely have the funds to be relaxed, so you may have to listen about financial issues too often.

If you are at a time when you are trying to make some money for yourself, it may be good to be in the company of someone who can give good advice. Also, seeing a person who knows how to handle their finance is always inspirational, if not aspirational.

Last but not least, it is pleasant when a guy can pick up a check without you feeling guilty because you know that they are not in a position to. If you decide to pay, it’s because you want to and not because you have to.

They Already Have a Career

How often did you hear from a guy that he needs to focus on his career? Or that he must stay longer at work? Or that he needs to move across the country for a promotion? The thing is that these situations are common at the beginning of any career. Since you have to deal with them yourself, it’s refreshing to date someone who has passed that phase.

We are aware that life is unpredictable and that even mature people can have career setbacks. However, these problems are way more common among younger persons. Besides, with established careers, older men usually have the luxury of choosing and picking.

While you are building a career of your own, it will be nice to be around someone who will listen to you. Who knows, you may even get some useful tips from a veteran.

They Are Good Decision Makers

Older guys have made their batch of wrong decisions, so they learned from past mistakes. The decision-making process is never easy. They simply have a lot of experience to rely on.

Another essential aspect is self-understanding. Older gents know what they like, what they need, and what makes them happy. There won’t be too much wandering around with them. Mature guys will always pick a good restaurant, choose a fun show to watch, or get you the right present.

If you are in an indecisive phase, dating a confident man can be beneficial. The point is not to let someone decide for you, but to observe and adopt the skills that you may be lacking. After all, learning something from our partner makes us value the relationship more.

They Are Great Lovers

You can have great sex with guys of any age. But older men lovers offer something most younger dudes can’t. They bring experience and appreciation to the act of lovemaking. That does not imply that they are not ready to experiment. On the contrary, they are usually more adventurous than boys.

On the more practical side, older lovers know how to treat a woman and are well aware of where the clitoris is, and what to do with it. The tiny insecurities and power struggles are a thing of the past for them, so you can expect to be the center of attention unlike just having a fling.

If you are a bit timid, this type of relationship can help you get out of your shell. Older guys are way more skilled in relaxation techniques and can quickly figure out what you need. They can even teach you a thing or two, so get ready for real excitement in the bedroom.

They Make for Thrilling Conversationalists

Admittedly, it is rare to have a meaningful conversation with a guy your age. They are too self-absorbed or superficial. If you are not into basketball or video games, you will probably find the quality time out of bed to be disappointing.

With older men, the conversations seem to flow effortlessly, with each new topic being more stimulating than the previous. It looks like men start to appreciate a female point of view later in life. Having an inspiring talk with their boyfriend can be a whole new concept for many girls. But older dudes are very good at it, and the quality time expends out of the bedroom.

With experience comes knowledge and tolerance so that you can find out incredible things from your mature lover. Sex, food, art, crafts, small wisdom, it’s all there. The best thing is that your opinion will be appreciated and taken seriously.

In the End

These are only some of the pros of dating an older man. Our advice is not to discriminate, keep an open mind, and explore. After all, the world is too big and full of options to restrict yourself in any way. 

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