Dating Tips for Men From the Older Generation

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When it comes to dating tips, they can’t get any better than when they come from experienced, older men. Let’s face it — the generations that came before us had game that we can only dream of!

Do you remember your grandma telling you how she only dated your grandpa for a few months before she married him? Or how he snatched her up despite her being with another man? We’ve all heard these stories before!

And sure, we fall in love today as much as people did way back then. However, younger men seem to have more trouble approaching women and finding love in general. So here’s what the older generation has to say in terms of love advice for men (and boys).

Best Dating Tips for Men From the Older Generation

If you ask anyone who isn’t a millennial (or worse, Gen Z-er), they’ll tell you that dating has a few crucial but straightforward rules. It’s all about feeling confident and having a blast while respecting the woman that you love.

Always Be a Gentleman

Dating evolved rapidly in the past few decades. Having a meet-cute on the street or at the store is a thing of the past, thanks to online dating and dating apps. However, some things never go out of style.

If you want to attract women, be a gentleman. Being a gentleman meant being honorable, chivalrous, and polite toward women. Sure, things are somewhat different today, but the definition hasn’t changed that much.

A true gentleman is well mannered. Instead of trying to appear cool or nonchalant, try paying attention to women and their needs.

Always Ask for Consent

Consent has always been sexy. Everyone is over the “don’t play hard to get, baby” attitude. If you ask older men, they’ll tell you that there’s a unique high that comes from knowing that your advances aren’t unwanted. After all, why would you even want to bother someone who’s not even remotely interested in you?

Therefore, younger men need to learn to be respectful and mindful of the signals the ladies send them. If she doesn’t seem to be into it, accept it and move on. You might think that grabbing a girl and passionately kissing her will work in your favor because it’s a grand gesture, but, in real life, we call that assault. Always ask for permission.

Never Stop Chasing Her and Aways Make Her Feel Special

Young men are so focused on the chase that they fail to realize that the game doesn’t end when you “catch” the woman you love. That’s barely the beginning.

Once you have the girl you’re interested in, you need to show her you’re grateful for having her each day. That essentially means that you need to act just like you did while you were courting her. Elaborate dates, attentive listening, spontaneous shows of affection, small gifts that show you care — these should never become things of the past.

If you invest your energy and pay attention to your girl, she’ll always feel special. And that’s the point — she is special! To you, she should be the most special girl in the universe.

Sometimes life gets in the way of men showing their affection, and they let their girls forget just how exceptional and cherished they are. That’s why men should go out of their way to show them.

Surprise Her

When you are in a new relationship, everything is exciting because it’s a novelty. You get giddy before seeing your significant other because you have no idea what they’ll say or do. What’s more, because you don’t know them, they keep surprising you.

That feeling of anticipation and excitement is what keeps the spark alive. It’s what keeps the boredom, dullness, and the dreaded routine away.

Women love being surprised. We mean pleasantly, of course. So surprise her by giving her something she needs or wants without having her ask for it. That’s everything women want — for men to listen to them.

So if she said she loves flowers, don’t wait for a special occasion to come to her door with a bouquet in your hands. Make an ordinary day exceptional by taking the initiative!

Respect Her Space and Maintain Your Individuality

When we love someone, we want to spend all our time together. We can never get enough of them. However, being glued together doesn’t make a healthy relationship. Both partners need their space.

If she says she’s not in the mood to hang out, don’t show up at her door. Respect her choices and her need to have some time and space for herself. Of course, don’t go overboard and act as if you forgot she exists. Giving someone space and distancing yourself so much they think you don’t care anymore are two entirely different things.

It’s also vital that both partners maintain their individuality. Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. You both still have individual interests, hobbies, friends, and occupations. Make sure you don’t blend into one co-dependent four-armed blob.

A Few Parting Words

Older men have a lot of wisdom to share, so don’t dismiss it. The technicalities of dating may have changed substantially since the older generation was in their dating prime, but the foundations are still the same. If you’re lacking in the game department or have no idea what to do after meeting your date, these dating tips will come in handy.