Different Ways to Become a More Mature Man

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It’s not uncommon to hear about your friends complaining about how they lack maturity — hence they’re having trouble in different aspects of life. Unfortunately, it seems like we hear more and more stories like this. And yes, this can be a big problem for men of all ages, not just the youth. From lacking essential family and job skills to having emotional problems, guys are finding it harder to go on about their lives.

But since we’re feeling generous, we’ll try to point out some gentlemen’s tips for you. After all, you know how we like to help unfortunate souls. All joking aside, there are simple yet effective ways to turn your life around. So, without further ado, let’s see what you can do to fix yourself and show some signs of maturity and help your life reach a whole new level.

Stop Pleasing Others

Lacking an autonomous personality is one of the first signs of an immature man. Being overly courteous and obedient isn’t the most desirable trait to have. Sure, you’re trying to be polite, but overdoing it can prove to have a different effect. People around you will start to exploit your excessive niceness, making you look weak.

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We’re not saying you shouldn’t be nice to people. That’s not the case here. Our aim here is to help you understand that you shouldn’t exceed limits in pleasing other people’s wishes. Moreover, it’s essential to start making decisions based on your benefit and intuition.

Mature men don’t allow others to boss them around. No matter if we’re talking girls or job acquaintances, you’ll surely embark on a person who’s willing to walk over you in case the opportunity arises. Therefore, start making decisions that’ll allow you to find personal joy and happiness.

Stop Setting Unrealistic Standards of Women

Another common misconception in men is their treatment of women. No, we’re not talking about classic misogyny or some other kind of horrible male trade — we’re talking about not understanding girls. This problem isn’t related to physical age at all — it has to do with having unrealistic expectations.

A classic example of broken standards is viewing women as sex objects. This male trope is closely associated with being overexposed to porn. And no, we’re not preaching porn is bad, but it is a rather close-minded medium. Well, at least mainstream stuff you get from the big production companies.

Having said this, we strongly recommend you start treating girls the same as you’d want them to treat you. Just think for a moment that they, too, have feelings, desires, and dreams. They’re not here to solely please you — they’re also looking for their place in the world.

Understands That Women Are Different

Even though they’re the same in terms of dreams and desires, men and women are still different. That isn’t supposed to sound narrow-minded. Not at all. It’s more in vain of understanding that people are individuals. And just like that, different women will have different ways of understanding life.

A mature man understands these things. He’s not overly attached to people since he sees when someone is looking for a different way out. Moreover, he won’t keep holding others back. That way, mature men don’t intervene in other people’s (women’s) plans — a true gentleman points out what he thinks and lets others decide for themselves.

Spend Time With Family

In reality, girls don’t look for guys who hold the door for them. Okay, we all love to see some basic manners, but relying solely on them is not that smart. Girls love guys who have a feeling of belonging to their family. Not in an over-possessed way, but more in terms of loyalty.

Showing others that you care about your background and are not ashamed of it is a big plus in every woman’s book. That is a clear sign of maturity since it shows how you don’t care what others might think — you feel like a part of something larger. Your family ties can easily be translated into how you’d treat your potential partner.

Of course, men’s lifestyle shouldn’t be restrictive towards other connections besides their family. Crossing the line of showing respect to the ones that brought you up and being infantile is something you should try to avoid.

Avoid Defeatism

No one loves a pessimist. Sure, it might sound rough, but that’s the truth. A mature man never spreads bad energy around. Moreover, he always tries to find a solution to the problem he’s facing. Being emotionally mature is a virtue of clear-thinking people, and as such, it’s a trade every person should look for.

Saying that doesn’t mean you should hold back feelings. Of course not; it’s essential to understand your situation and to look for help if needed. But spreading bad vibes is counterproductive and smells of insecurity. No one needs an extra plate of anxiety, stress, and depression.

You should try to be a good listener and help others when you can. Support is key for building a relationship on strong pillars. Furthermore, listening to others can help you resolve your thoughts and problems. Not to sound too preachy, but being there for others is a trade everyone will respect and appreciate.

Stop Being Insecure

Similarly to defeatism, showing off your insecurities and low self-esteem isn’t something that’ll help you position yourself as a mature person. Sure, we all have these trades, but like with defeatism, keeping yourself together is key to a functional relationship. No, that doesn’t just play out in your intimate life; it’s a part of everything.

Pulling off confident moves will help you attract other people. Sure, girls love a macho guy who’s a loudmouth, but it’s more about putting your money where your mouth is. The whole point is to act appropriately in a tight situation. Humans are social creatures, and as such, we love strong leaders.

What you’re looking for is clear eye contact. You shouldn’t allow yourself to “shoegaze” while speaking to another person. That way, you’ll unconsciously show others you’re a natural-born leader — little things such as these open doors for further interaction.

Don’t Hold Grudges

A clear sign of your maturity is how you react to failure. No matter if it’s on an emotive or professional level, keeping up with yourself after an unfortunate ending is a key to success. It’s no wonder why teens cry over breakups and broken homes so much, seeing how young and inexperienced in life they are.

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Sure, this is normal when you’re sweet sixteen, but going on about something that slipped from your control is bad. Of course, we all enjoy a sad song or two, but in no way does that mean we should all slit our wrists and let it all burn.

Be more realistic about your connections to other people and projects. Allow yourself to learn when something’s over, and there’s no turning back. Just like Bob Dylan sang all those years ago — “Don’t think twice, it’s alright.” What better advice from the maestro himself?