Does the Age Gap Matter in Relationships?

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You know what people say — age is just a number until we’re old enough to know that age doesn’t matter. But how much does age really matter, and how does it affect relationships? This often depends on the maturity of the couple, but in some cases, it can create other obstacles.

But does age really matter? Overall, it doesn’t. The survival of a relationship depends entirely on the understanding and connection between two people. If they care and respect each other, they shouldn’t experience many problems together.

The Impact of Age Difference on Relationships

Of course, the age gap will have some effects on your relationship. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you two from trying to make it work. One of the things that can happen, for example, is you two being at different stages in your lives, which, in turn, can have some effects on the relationship.

These effects can start to manifest when you finally get past the honeymoon phase and have to deal with real-life situations. This is where we get to see the impact of age difference on relationships.

You need to decide what’s important for you. If you’re the younger one in the relationship, maybe you still don’t know what you want regarding your career, where you want to live, or what you want from life in general. This is something that you need to discuss with your partner. 

On the other side, if you are the older one, you might be ready to have kids. As we grow older, it gets harder to have children, even with all the medical advances. You also need to talk it out with your partner and see whether you even want to have kids. It’s important for you to know that you are on the same page.

How Couples Cope

So you might be wondering how couples with big age gaps cope with the situation. Well, it’s all about making compromises and loving each other. The important thing to remember is that you are doing this for love, right?

Yes, there might be some things you need to sacrifice to make the relationship work, but that doesn’t mean you value yourself any less. Just remember that in the grand scheme of things, you are doing all of this so that the two of you can be together.

Furthermore, it’s quite important to try and understand the other side — your partner’s perspective. An age difference often brings different views. You might not always find the middle ground with some problems, but you have to keep fighting and trying to make it work.

Unfortunately, socially determined rules are sometimes all that matters to people. Well, you shouldn’t let that bug you. Your relationship is not a classic relationship. It doesn’t have to be based on a template. You determine the rules and what works best for you. Don’t let the public decide for you. People will always talk and judge, but you shouldn’t let that hinder your relationship.

How Big Is Too Big of a Gap?

You’ve probably read many studies that claim what works in relationships and what doesn’t. Well, who cares about that. It might all just be circumstantial. The sample groups may not even be representative of the general population. Furthermore, life is not always as simple as taking a test. In some cases, a two-year age gap is too big; yet for some people, ten or even twenty years isn’t. 

Of course, the age difference between partners comes with its own problems, but being understanding and supportive, while also not caring what others have to say about it, is the only thing you should focus on. So why should age dictate anything then? Maybe the gap of ten years is too much, but if you really love someone, why wouldn’t you accept that challenge and try to make it work?

There are certain formulas on the internet that are supposed to help you decide if someone is too young or too old for you to date. But that’s just silly. No one can make that decision for you. It is entirely up to the two of you to see and decide if you can make it work.

Challenges of a Big Age Gap in a Relationship

The challenges that come with an age difference usually come from society. No matter where you go, you might end up being the hot topic that everyone wants to gossip about. Usually, in these cases, people can come up with a lot of different claims and accusations. They are all just a bunch of negative nellies. One of you is probably going to be accused of being a gold digger or something similar. No matter how much you try to defend yourself, it won’t matter to them, so it’s best to ignore the gossip.

Another thing that might be challenging in your relationship are compatibility issues. They often come with a greater age gap. Since the two of you are from different generations, it could mean that you have different mindsets and differing views on many relationship issues. However, this problem is nothing that can’t be worked on.

If your partner has a child from a previous marriage, that could be a problem as well. If you are marrying someone who is substantially older than you, this is something you should expect. In these situations, you should ask yourself if you are ready to be a stepparent. Being a stepparent is never easy, but being one to your partner’s child that might even be your age can be much harder. In this case, you are not just marrying your partner but also their children.


To summarize, age difference can be a determining factor in whether the relationship can survive or not. But it all depends on you. If you work hard enough to make it work, it most definitely will. There will always be the naysayers, but who cares — it’s not their life, it’s yours. Until the society we live in changes, there will always be people who have something negative to say about this topic. But let them talk — in the end, it’s only your love that truly matters.