Wear Your Cat Tail Plugs on Any Occasion

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Well, this may be a little weird, but pet play is getting bigger and bigger in the ever-expanding sex toy industry. And why shouldn’t it be when it can perfectly combine a somewhat taboo kink with a drop of BDSM?

Our absolute favorite is kitten play, a new craze that has been making both anal and fetish fans wild lately. There’s something sexy about Catwoman that simply makes us horny as hell. Hence, we are obsessing over cat tail butt plugs and how arousing they are.

If you are not familiar with this toy, you are missing a lot, especially if you are a fan of anal play. So, let’s enter the world of feline excitement and explore what these naughty plugs can do for us. Before we continue, you can check the collections of loveplugs.co. It will definitely convince you to buy one before you can even finish reading this article.

Butt Plug Universe

However, it would be better to make some things clear before we start with cat tails. An important thing to understand is that they are butt plugs, and if you don’t like ass play, the chances are that they are not going to be fun for you.

The toy consists of two parts: a regular butt plug that goes into your anus and an extraordinary cat tail that dangles down your thighs. In other words, to fully enjoy this toy, you need to be a fan of anal stimulation.

When it comes to plugs, they are very versatile in terms of sizes and materials, so it’s easy to find the one that suits you. There are three types of that are entirely body-safe


  1. Medical-grade silicon is an excellent option if you are not into hard play or if you are a beginner. The material adapts to your body and feels comfortable.
  2. Stainless steel is for more advanced users who like it rougher. It’s suitable for BDSM lovers because it adds the element of pain.
  3. Silica gel is a new thing on the market that’s becoming increasingly popular. Many users say that it’s the best because it feels natural and respects the curves of the body.

Moreover, it’s not just about the material: plugs come in different sizes and colors, allowing for a pretty customized experience. Our advice is not to go overboard if you are just getting started. Go slow and steady. Once you get used to the feeling, you can experiment with bigger toys.

Another important aspect is the tail itself. That is what makes the game so kinky after all. Of course, there are numerous models, so you can be the type of cat you always wanted to be: fluffy, silver, black — all options are available!

When Playing Solo

Masturbation is, or at least should be a crucial part of our sexuality. So, adding some kink to your sessions is always a good idea. That’s one of the ways to check how something feels.

Butt plugs are excellent because they give you the double penetration sensation, which can be truly spectacular. Fortunately, the part that goes inside you is usually made of soft materials and often comes in shapes that allow for easy penetration, so it’s very easy to relax and enjoy yourself.

Naturally, you should always use a good lube to maximize comfort and prevent potential injuries. Of course, there is a variety of products to choose from. Although we are big fans of water-based lubricants, silicon-based products are also not bad.

Some users say that they enjoy inserting the toy before masturbation because the longer they wear it, the hornier they feel. Once they reach a boiling point, they engage in solo play and swear that it feels incredible.

Take a Nude Selfie

We are all addicted to nude selfies and who can blame us. With partners miles away, we need something to spice up those long-distance relationships. It even makes for great foreplay while waiting for our sex mates to return home from work.

Having said that, sending a sexy photo of you wearing an animal tail can build tension and make the evening bedroom session super exciting. Additional text that says that you’ve been wearing it all day is a guaranteed explosion.

You can play BDSM games in which you are not allowed to remove the toy before you get permission is also very arousing. Felines are not usually submissive, but you can be a good cat and get a big reward.

Kitten Play With Your Partner

There are many things you can do with cat tails, and they mostly depend on your preferences. If you like anal sex, the toy can help you get ready for it by stretching your butt and allowing you to relax quicker.

There is also the infamous submission/domination game in which your partner controls when and how long you will wear the toy. Some couples just drool over double penetration and add the tail to their play to simulate that fetish. We must say it does create a particularly kinky vibe. 

The tail itself is often made of delightful faux fur, which tickles and stimulates both partners. For those who like things a bit harder, you can get the toys with a pretty impressive insertion length, but if you are not into deep anal penetration, stick to moderate sizes.

Surprise a Casual Hook Up

If you are feeling adventurous, you can surprise a casual hook-up partner by transforming into a hungry feline. Sometimes, the shock alone can make the session turn into fireworks. For those who like to be in control, the tail can bring a head start in the game.

Submissive types can benefit from all the kink of pet play. Just make sure your partner is not too conservative. However, make sure you are comfortable with your toy first because it will be easier to relax and enjoy during sex. 


As you can see, there are many reasons to try the cat tail. And all of them are highly enjoyable. Some users simply like their butt plugs with a twist, while some just want to be petted. 

In the end, when you do something new and different, you get a chance to learn about your sexuality and expand your horizons, and that leads to naughty and mind-blowing orgasms.