How to get naughty with nipple clamps

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Nipple clamps to the nipples are what penis rings to the penis. Equal parts sexy and equal parts fun, nipple clamps open your doors to an incredible orgasm. It’s unfortunate that nipple play is often neglected in intimate sessions. But what a lot of people don’t know that nipple play can singlehandedly lead women to powerful orgasms. It’s to stress here that nipples are one of the most amazing erogenous zones. And nipple clamps are perfect props to stimulate them and arouse you to the T.

Are you getting excited about an awesome adventure with nipple clamps? Well, here is a brief on how to make the most of these sexy clamps.

Before delving into the discussion about getting all crazy with nipple clamps, it’s to note here that a pleasurable experience with the clamps is largely determined by the clamps you buy. Also, you need to check whether you are okay with the feel of clamps on your nipples. Clamps pave way for sensational pleasure but are initially hurting as they pinch and squeeze your skin. So, you should run patch test first to check the compatibility quotient of the clamp for you. As per the experts, you should first try the clamps on a less sensitive body part before you place them on the nipples. You can try them on ear lobe first to gauge the sensation. If it seems to be too hurting, then clamps are not really for you. But, if you think you will be able to tolerate the pain, then, you may check out a pair of clamps. We recommend to start looking for nipple clamps from this link

Let’s assume you will be okay with the initial pain of nipple clamps. Your next task here is to buy the right pair of nipple clamps for you. Since you are a beginner, go for tweezer-style nipple clamps. Look for adjustable options which will allow you to set the level of squeeze as per your specific comfort level.

How to have fun with nipple clamps?

Prep up

You can’t just squeeze in the clamps straightaway on the nipples. There is a preparatory stage for everything, especially when it comes to something as delicate as nipple clamping. If you don’t take proper preps before using nipple clamps, it would be extremely painful. But, when you are high and stimulated, the painful sensation won’t feel that harsh.

There are plenty of ways to stimulate your nipples before clamping them. Let your partner lick and suck your boobs vigorously. Nibbling is also welcome with warm blows and kisses in between. If you like the cold sensation, tell your partner to run ice cubes on your nipples. Ice cube followed by warm blows is always sexy and gets you an instant high. A warm breast massage will also be great to stimulate the nipples.

Wait till nipples get erected

You have to wait till the nipples are erected to squeeze in the clamps. Once the nipples are erected, simply slide the nipple clamps on the very base of nipples. As mentioned previously, get adjustable clamps when you are first starting out with the clamps. Place the clamps and then adjust the level of squeeze and pinch as per your preferred comfort quotient.

Get into action

Now, that the clamps are in their place, it’s time to try out some sexy actions to double up the fun.

You can try out light BDSM here where the woman will be the sub. Your partner can lay you down on your back and tie up your hands and feet. To make things more comfortable, satin wraps can be used instead of ropes. Then, he will get you high and squeeze in the clamps right onto your erected nipples. The sudden pinch will make you moan both in pain and pleasure. And while the clamps sit there to stimulate you, your partner can reach down to play with your clit. You will certainly enjoy a good suck and lick down under while your nipples are getting high, thanks to the clamps.

After a while, your partner should take out the clamp and the real action will start from there. When clamps squeeze into your nipples, the area becomes numb as the clamps restrict blood flow to the area. But, when the clamp is taken out, blood shoots back into the nipples, arousing the nipples to the T. The clamps should be used at pre-defined intervals all through your passionate act.

To make things more exciting, you can also use clamps with vibrator. But, it should only be introduced if your body is accustomed to vibrators at sensitive areas.

Be careful of safe play

Nipple clamps are no doubt amazing but not when worn for prolonged sessions. You should not wear the clamps for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. If the clamps are not taken out after brief intervals, blood flow to the nipples would be badly affected. Not only that, the nerves in the region would be severely damaged. Thus, make sure to take out the clamps after a short while. Your partner should also know when to take out the clamps to keep your nipples safe.

Then, you should also have a safe code that would indicate it’s time to take out the clamp. In case, you feel discomfort and pain at any point with the clamp on, you must use that safe code. Your partner should immediately take out the clamp and restore blood flow to the area. Also watch out for a bluish layer around your nipples with the clamp sitting snug on them. The blue layer appears when the blood circulation, especially to that particular part of the body, is seriously affected. And that’s a serious affair and you can’t take risk with that.

Have you got piercings?

Have you got piercings on your nipples? Well, in that case, your studs are right in the places where you would have to squeeze in the clamps. However, nothing to fret here- you can very much enjoy the clamps without taking out your piercings. Just place the clamp in a way that they pinch your skin horizontally instead of vertically. You will simply have to be little strategic with the placement of the clamps here to ensure you get to enjoy both.