How to get naughty with nipple clamps

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In a day and age where BDSM is no longer a taboo topic, people are coming up with more and more toys to up their level of kinky sex. S&M is a culture that firmly stands based on pain and pleasure. And as such, it offers a great variety of ways for couples to enjoy. From submissive male chastity devices to full-blown sex swings, the possibilities are practically endless.

Therefore, we’d like to talk a bit about some pretty neat little products that can make all the difference in your sex dungeon. These often disregarded discrete nipple toys, designed to inflict some serious stimulation to erogenous zones located on human breasts, are simply named nipple clamps.

So just like their name says, these little bundles of joy exist for nipple pinching and bringing bondage and domination to a whole new level. But are they that good if people rarely even mention them in BDSM related conversations? Well, we’d wholeheartedly argue that they are sex jewels hidden in plain sight!

Helping doms and subs all over the world to get off like crazy, they are so rudimentary in design that their simplicity speaks for itself. Just like any other everyday object we disregard based on the fact that it’s always there, most people pass by nipple clamps looking for something more shiny and eye-catching.

These breast torture contraptions are a classic. You can almost compare them to blue jeans, white t-shirts, and sneakers. They’re always in style, no matter what new trend comes up in the BDSM kink world. We’d even go so far to say that they are pure vintage galore!

Why Are Nipples Sensitive?

With hundreds of nerve endings, nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. There are various forms of sexual activities focusing on the nipples of both males and females. Hence, it’s not strange that almost every culture that ever existed on Earth has glorified their look and judged attractiveness through it.

As you know, nipples are a unique tissue located on mammal breasts. Around them are circle-looking patches, called areolas. These areas surrounding them vary in color and size. Therefore, their look varies from person to person. Some female tits look like they have a CD-ROM on them, while others are far more discrete.

But let’s drift away from middle school jokes, and let’s talk some BDSM nipple stuff (wink-wink).

Based on everything we have said so far, there’s nothing strange that nipples are erogenous zones on our bodies that provide so much sensation. The blood flow in the area is so high that just a mouth on them gives both partners one hell of a ride.

What Are Nipple Clamps and How Are They Used?

Just like we’ve briefly mentioned, nipple clamps are sex toys designed to apply pressure on human breasts. That way, these little pinching contraptions cause pain to people who are looking to get some rough treatment in the dimly-lighted rooms of their BDSM palaces. Nipple play is an essential part of the breast torture kink a lot of boys and girls have.

They come in different sizes and designs, but they mainly differ in how much pressure they can provide. For example, the smaller the clamp, the less pressure it can apply, and vice versa. Some are looking for tiny painful spots, similar to bug bites, while others like the whole area to be under siege.

Most of these breast contraptions are chain attached so that both nipples complement each other. Nipple pulling is a full-on fetish for many doms out there. Also, in some cases, there is a second chain that goes all the way down to the genital region. It links the nipple clamps to other toys designed for vaginal or anal torture.

People use them in all sorts of intercourse variations, but they are most prominent in the S&M community. It’s not rare to see images and videos of couples chaining their breast even to objects nearby. Full lockdown is totally a thing with nipple clamps, as well as big contraptions, such as sex swings. It all fits perfectly!

Types of Nipple Clamps

Like all products purchased or waiting to be bought in a sex shop, nipple clamps come in many forms. Coming in all variations, some of them are so discreet that you can even wear them as accessories with no one noticing what they actually are. Therefore, we’ll try to assemble a brief list of top picks.

For beginners, we’d recommend the tweezer clamps. These so-called tweezer nipple destroyers come with rubber so that possible scratches and wounds can be avoided for the less experienced users. They also come with adjustable clamps so that you can set the level of pinching.

A bit more complex products are the famous alligator clamps. These come with a weighty chain that offers additional pressure on the breasts. Like we’ve already mentioned, the chains can be linked to other torture toys for the genital region. They’re great, and it’s easy to understand why they have this reptile name once they start biting.

Additionally, tech nerds need not fear! There’s something even for them in the realm of breast torture — vibrating nipple clamps. These are a great hands-free product that will blow your battery-charged mind. They work their magic while you play with other stuff. Thus, it’s not hard to see why they’re such a hit among perv couples. We recommend to start looking for nipple clamps from this link

Also, we’d like to mention nipple suckers. You can think of them as the kinkier relative of your standard clamps. They work similarly, although they don’t need batteries. The whole point with these suckers is that they create suction and bring a lot of pleasure for both girls and boys.

It’s also important to say that you can use them on any part of your body because they’re not nipple exclusive by no means.