How to Please an Older Man in Bed

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If you’ve never been with an older man, but you’ve always thought about it, the idea could seem kind of scary at first. What do 50-year-old-men want in bed, and how can you turn them on? What are some pros and cons of dating older men, and how should you approach sex with an older guy? Check out our tips on how to please an older man in bed!

Dating an Older Man Has Pros and Cons

For starters, being with older men is something that everyone should try at least once in their lives. Obviously, those who are ten to 20 years older than you often exhibit mature qualities. They have a lot of experience, and you will not find it by dating your peers. An older man’s maturity often comes with financial stability, easier communication, and more experience in life. Simply put, they’ve been around for longer. That’s why dating an older man could teach you some valuable lessons. Remember that wanting to be with an older man who exhibits those character traits doesn’t instantly make you a gold digger!

There are several downsides to having an older male partner. It’s possible that a guy could become possessive. Also, since he is older, he could appear to be more passive compared to you. That is, he may not want to go out and party or hang out with your friends.

What’s more, some older men could be bitter and condescending. In this case, they may not take you seriously. Of course, there is always the issue of your parents or friends who may not agree with your relationship. However, if your guy exhibits some of the positive qualities that we’ve mentioned, he’ll take you seriously, and he won’t have a problem with commitment.

The Best Tips for Sex

Sex with older men can have its pros and cons too if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s easy to feel intimidated by someone who has been with more partners than you. Moreover, you could feel like you need to do too much to make him feel good and impress him.

But the tips you should follow are not that different from regular ways to please a man in bed, regardless of age. Nevertheless, there are some tricks that older men might enjoy. You should start slowly or even extend your foreplay throughout the day. Also, older men may need additional stimulation, so you could experiment with sex toys and try to play along with his fetishes.

Take It Slow and Naughty

If your older partner is 50 or more, he might not have as much sexual stamina as you expect. But that’s not the case with all older men. Many can be sexually active in their 60s or 70s. Still, you could make some mistakes if you don’t know how to turn on an older man in bed.

Firstly, you need to be aware of his stamina and his response to stimulation. He may not have the energy of younger men, but that doesn’t mean sex will be slow and boring. On the contrary, it can be incredibly naughty and exciting, but only if you take it slow.

So observe his responses to stimulation of various body parts during foreplay. Then, see how long he takes to get aroused. Some older men could take a while to get a full erection, but once you know how to get them going, they’ll be as hard as a rock!

It’s also understandable that you may want to impress him with new techniques and positions as soon as you get into bed. But doing so could harm his ego or even make him nervous. So remember that slow and steady wins the game, and doing this will lead to great sex for you.

Begin the Foreplay Outside the Bedroom

Another great tip is to seduce him all day long. Foreplay isn’t just about building up to sex in bed with teasing, oral sex, and similar. You could also flirt with him in the morning or during the day. For example, give him a long kiss or write him some dirty notes before you leave for work. You can also send him some naughty texts during the day to keep his imagination running.

In the end, he’ll be horny the entire day, and he’ll constantly be thinking of you. You could also try some dirty talk via phone or even things like roleplay. Of course, sending sexy pictures of yourself is always an option.

Extending your foreplay is essential if your older guy takes a while to get excited. However, try not to appear invasive or needy. If he’s into your messages or photos, just find a healthy balance. That is, your flirty texts and nudes may not always work if he’s busy or if he is meeting with other people for work or similar.

Experiment With Sex Toys

While it’s good to play it cool at first, your guy might be expecting you to pull out some tricks and get kinky. He’s probably seen a lot of action, so you should try some new things that he hasn’t experienced before. To get him aroused quickly and with more intensity, you could experiment with sex toys. That may include vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, and similar.

For example, you could use a vibrator or massager on yourself and masturbate to get him harder than ever. Older men could enjoy cock rings because they can give them a firmer and longer erection. Another thing to try is a butt plug if he’s into anal play or if he wants to tease you with it. Also, don’t forget about accessories like handcuffs, blindfolds, and sexy costumes.

Work With His Fetish

As you’ve seen above, you can work with lots of toys or ideas to give your older man some new experiences. Sometimes, older guys could be bored in bed because they’ve had more sex than you. That is, they’ve seen and experienced a lot of things, and so conventional activities may not turn them on anymore. This may sound intimidating, but it actually comes with a big upside since it allows you to experiment.

If he’s into fetishes, discuss them and use them to spice things up. Also, if you have some ideas of your own and if certain fetishes get you off, definitely try them with your older man. They can allow you to discover untapped potential. They’ll bring him something that he’s never experienced before.

Regarding ideas, you could try roleplay (e.g., daddy/little girl), BDSM, prostate stimulation, edging, anal play, foot worship, and plenty more. If there’s a hidden dominatrix or slave inside you, don’t be afraid to let it out!

Don’t Expect Too Much

Older men have gone through a lot. You may not be aware of how different they are compared to your peers. They may have a busy career or even children from past marriages. Whatever the case, they’re probably not thinking about sex constantly. So note that if he’s not always up and ready, it doesn’t mean that he’s not into you.

While sex with older men feels amazing and unique, he may not always want to be your sex-machine. He may need a break from sex occasionally to recharge his energy and focus on other things in life.


Well, there you have it! Sex with older men can be an unforgettable experience, but only if you follow our tips. So stock up on some sex toys and get wild! Have fun!