Introducing the Use of Sex Toys to an Older Man

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Just like sex toys, dating older men isn’t as taboo as it was just a couple of decades ago. The thing is, women look for more mature, thoughtful guys and enjoy their company much more than being in a relationship with someone their age.

However, dating older men can get a bit tricky when it comes to sex. Their age begins to show, and your overall satisfaction levels start to drop with each passing year. Hence, our article aims to explore the ways of introducing seniors to sex toys.

What You Need to Know First

No matter how modern we think we are, the sexual revolution happened a long time ago. The mid-60s were a turbulent time in many ways, changing the way we look at sex and carnal pleasures. You shouldn’t assume that your older partner isn’t aware of sex toys and various kinks that come with them. Therefore, chances are that your man is already on board with using naughty toys and gadgets.

On the other hand, he might be a bit more conservative than you, and the notion of using adult toys might seem funny to him. However, this doesn’t mean that you should pressure him into it. Namely, you should explain that using sex gadgets isn’t anything degrading or dangerous for his masculinity. It’s just a way to up your skills and enjoyment levels and bring them closer to what they were when he was younger.

Also, sex toys aren’t just about kinky stuff in the bedroom — they’re pretty good for maintaining sexual health. Considering the fact that age isn’t too kind to men and their penises, using toys might be better than playing around with shady pills or remedies. So take your time and talk about the pros and cons honestly. There’s no doubt they’ll be willing to try sex toys at least once.

Break the Ice

Talking about sex isn’t as easy for everyone. Even if you’re doing it with your long-term boyfriend who’s your age, it tends to get a bit unpleasant. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the right words while trying not to hurt someone’s feelings. Still, talking about using butt plugs, anal beads, or even cock rings with your much older man can get even more unpleasant.

Of course, this isn’t a rule by any means. Most people assume that the guys’ age will make them more conservative regarding such topics. Also, the notion of a man needing help with his erectile dysfunction is a hard hitter for guys of any age. So try to find the right words.

In our eyes, it’s best if you’re honest about it. Take your time and share your ideas with your partner over dinner or before bed. Yet, don’t pressure him into anything because it will only prove counterproductive. You don’t want him thinking less of himself.

Don’t forget to mention how fun it can be to use toys and play around with your bodies. You can watch porn where performers use adult toys and let your partner get the basic idea of how they work. However, don’t go for something hardcore — stick to some vanilla stuff for educational purposes.

Choosing the Right Sex Toy

Picking the perfect sex toy is never easy. What’s more, it’s a pain in the ass sometimes. The market is full of all sorts of cool-looking and high-end products, and it’s hard to make up your mind and choose without wondering if you’ve made a mistake. Still, you can look at this as a good thing since with quantity comes quality.

Nonetheless, we’re here to help you out. Considering your partner is elderly, there are certain things to keep in mind. It doesn’t have anything to do with him being familiar with sex toys. Some toys are just better for older people since they affect things like erectile dysfunction or prostate stimulation.

Firstly, if he’s having trouble getting a boner, you should look up penis pumps or vibrating cock rings. Both types of toys will help him up the blood flow in his genitals and prevent it from leaving. On the other hand, you can search for a prostate massager too. By stimulating his male G-spot, you’ll get the most of his penis.

When it comes to toys you can use on yourself, we suggest vibrators. While having penetrative sex with your man, you can use a vibrator for clitoral stimulation to increase your overall sexual pleasure. Also, having something vibrating next to his penis will help him keep his penis from going flaccid. If you want anal action, get a vibrating butt plug, which will do the same thing, only rectally.

Don’t Make Him Think He Is Not Enough

Like we’ve said, no one wants to think they’re not good enough anymore. No matter if they’re older women or men — they want the impression that they’ve still got what it takes to blow their lover’s mind. In some cases, their experience will cover for the lack of physical capabilities, but that’s not a rule.

Nevertheless, it’s important not to make them think they’re not worthy if there’s no sex toy around anymore. Using toys in the bedroom is a slippery slope if you don’t know how to handle them. So make sure that you don’t concentrate on the toy more than on your older partner. Allow him to see that you’re there because of him.

Talk dirty if you like and make them aware of their qualities. Say things that might not be inherently true, but consider them white lies. Make him realize that you wouldn’t be doing anything that kinky if it wasn’t for him. Try to make it out like he makes you so hot, unlike guys your age.

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Be Collaborative

Sex isn’t something that should leave one partner feeling left out. The whole point is for the two of you to make it together. Hence, playing around with sex toys should affect both of you. No matter how female- or male-centric the toy is — it’s vital to find a way for both of you to use it.

For example, remote control sex toys are a perfect option if one begins to feel like they’re missing out on the fun. One partner places the toy inside their body while the other plays around with the controls. This way, they can masturbate watching their lover enjoy in front of them.

Also, you can try using toys that connect. These toys usually come in the form of a vibrator and a penis sleeve that react together. As the male thrusts the sleeve, the vibrator will mimic his moves. These toys are also great when one of you is away since they link via a mobile app.