Old Is Gold — Having Sex With Older Men

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What’s It Like to Have Sex With Older Men?

There’s something particularly alluring about having a May-December affair. Dating older men has a bit of a bad rep in society. It’s been both the biggest taboo and the norm, which leaves many people confused to this day.

Is it alright to date older guys? Should we react to women dating men well beyond their age as a taboo or something completely normal?

When it comes to having a healthy sex life, what you do is no one’s business but your own. As long as both (or, should we say all) parties consent to it (and are of age, of course), any type of sex or relationship is fine.

But here’s the thing. We aren’t just fine with having sex with older guys. We wholeheartedly recommend it. If you still think that having sex with younger guys is what life is all about, then riddle us this — why are women all over the world going crazy over George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and other handsome devils that are well into their fifties?

These guys, and many other mature men, can still get it because women are insanely attracted to them. That has a lot to do with their well-established status in society. However, that’s not all there is to it. So, what makes older guys more attractive than younger men?

Sex With Older Men — A Taboo or Not?

Both men and women are prone to having older partners. Having sex with people older than we are is one of those milestone sexual experiences that everyone recommends.

However, some people (especially women) prefer having older partners. So, they aren’t just hopping on that “older dude” train for one or two stops. No, they are in it for the long haul.

And yet, there’s still quite a bit of stigma. May-December affairs can be quite controversial, depending on the age gap. While many applaud fifty-year-olds for finding a younger lady, there seems to be an invisible line that the society doesn’t like people crossing. Sure, a fifty-year-old with a thirty-year-old is kosher. But a seventy-year-old with a barely-legal girl isn’t something that people will look kindly upon.

What Makes Older Men So Great?

So what is it that makes older men so alluring? They arguably aren’t in the best shape, and some think that they are past their prime. But is that really so? Or do silver foxes have some other qualities that balance out the lack of toned, youthful figures?

They Know the Female Body Well (and Aren’t Afraid to Show It)

Older men have more experience than younger ones. Therefore, it’s no wonder that that gives them the upper hand. They’ve been with a lot of partners, potentially long-term. That gives them a slight edge because they’ve had time to get to know the way women work. They’ve also put in the effort.

Specifically, they’ve learned all there is to learn about the female body. They are also more appreciative and mindful of their partners and put their own pleasure second.

That is a huge deal to women. What’s more, it’s disappointing how little young men seem to know about the female body. Sure, getting a woman to climax isn’t exactly a straightforward or a short path, but it’s worth the trip. And given that many young men don’t seem to know how to get to the end of that path (or even how to get on it in the first place), it’s no wonder that women prefer older men who have traveled that particular journey often (and successfully).

They Know Their Worth (and Also Aren’t Afraid to Show It)

Older men are confident and aren’t afraid to show it. They know what they want and aren’t willing to waste their time on anything else. Therefore, when they pursue you, you know that it’s because they really want you.

Women love confident men, but only if it’s justified. Because it isn’t unfounded and can back it up with experience, the confidence of older men isn’t as off-putting as the cockiness of younger guys.

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Older men do what they want without any fear of judgment. They don’t spend a lot of their precious time wondering what other people think. However, they also don’t resort to making excuses when they mess something up. That particular combo of skills is worth admiring, and they know it.

Foreplay and Romance Aren’t Foreign Words to Them

Younger men seem to forget that sex, while great, isn’t precisely everything a woman needs. Sure, a quicky or a one-night-stand aren’t too shabby, but most women want some romance. What’s more, to many women, sex doesn’t start with penetration.

Foreplay and romance seem to be something many younger men put on the back burner. Unlike them, older guys know that foreplay is vital (at least if you want to satisfy your partner).

Orgasms are a big deal, but they aren’t necessarily the only thing women (and men of course) crave. While younger guys tend to focus on making it to the Big O finish line quickly and efficiently, older guys draw the entire experience out. They don’t fuck as much as they make love and appreciate their partners. That, of course, doesn’t mean they can’t do it hard and dirty.

You’ll often find that older men worship women and their bodies. That is a huge ego boost, among other things. However, it also contributes to feelings of security — worshiped women know they are cherished and loved.

They Are Knowledgeable (In More Ways Than One)

With age comes wisdom. The beauty of older men is that they are willing to share that wisdom with people around them. Because they have a lot of experience in life, they also have quite a few stories, cautionary tales, and anecdotes to share.

Older men can show you the world and give you their undivided attention. Sure, they come with their own set of disadvantages, but you’ll never find yourself wishing your partner was more mature.