Showing off the Trophy Wife

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Ah, the ideal life of every beautiful woman. Who wouldn’t want to be pretty and do absolutely nothing in their life? Sign us up for that.

But let’s take a deep dive into what being a trophy wife used to mean versus what it means today. The differences are significant.

What Is a Trophy Wife?

The term “trophy wife” doesn’t always have positive connotations. Since the dawn of time, trophy wives have been something pretty you could show off. People would think that all they have to offer is beauty, and that’s all there is to it.

So this term is usually derogatory. Some women strive to be trophy wives because that often means a lavish life in which they don’t have to do anything. Why’s that? What makes a woman a trophy wife? First of all, she has to be young and beautiful — but that’s not all. This is usually the wife of an older man. He can be a multiple-time divorcee or a widower. Put simply, this is a powerful man in a community who “bagged” a younger woman.

Another reason why this term is derogatory to many is that it implies that the woman is naive and has little to nothing to show for other than her beauty. This life involves the man being in power while the woman follows along, does what she’s told, and strives to maintain her youth and beauty.

While this lifestyle is ideal for some, many women find that this is not the life they ever want to live.

The Billionaires With Trophy Wives

You might be surprised by how many billionaires there are in this world and how many of them actually have trophy wives. We’re talking about the classic examples where there’s a much older man alongside a beautiful woman. So who are the trophy wives of billionaires? There are probably too many to count them all. That’s why we’ll present you with a list with some examples and their age gaps. They’re as follows:

    • Bernie Ecclestone and Fabiana Flosi — This gentleman took a vow that he’ll never marry again after his last divorce. That was only until he met Fabiana. Their age gap of 46 years obviously doesn’t bother either of them.
  • Joe Hardy and Danielle Golden — Mr. Hardy clearly doesn’t know when to stop. Why? He divorced his 23-year-old wife for 22-year-old Danielle, making the age gap with his wife just a little bit wider. Yes, your math is correct. The age gap in question is 62 years.
  • Donald Trump and Melania Trump — This pair is more than well-known. Their age gap is merely 24 years, which is nothing compared to the two couples above. Still, Melania is a former model, which immediately makes her fit to be a suitable trophy wife.
  • Karl Wlaschek and Friederike “Ricki” Schenk — Wlaschek has five marriages behind him, and his last wife didn’t want to reveal her age, simply claiming that she’s not “that young anymore.” Their age-gap is unknown, but people assume it’s around three decades.

The Changing View on the Trophy Wife

The times are always changing, and so are the terms we use and their meanings. Times are different now, and the meaning of trophy wives is shifting as well.

People are big on gender equality now. It’s only right, considering the times we’ve lived in so far. So this term takes on a new meaning. In this day and age, being a trophy wife means you have to be just as successful — or even more successful — than your husband. That way, the husband actually has something to brag about. Know more about gender equality.

Still, not everything is completely different. A trophy wife still needs to be conventionally attractive, even with all of the success she has behind her. Plus, the wife doesn’t need to be younger anymore. She doesn’t even need to be that much younger, which puts outrageous age gaps behind us.

It would be silly to expect an equally successful woman that’s 30 years younger than her husband. That would mean that she had to be a genius to be as successful in her twenties as her husband is in his fifties.

So ladies, you better start hustling if you want to be a true trophy wife, at least by the modern definition of the term. There are still people who don’t see it that way though.

The Trophy Wives Version 2.0

Now that we know all about this new type of trophy wives, we’re ready to talk about some of the examples. In this day and age, we don’t lack said examples. Some of them include our favorite musicians, actors, inventors, and simply public figures. So, let’s check them out:

  • George and Amal Clooney — We all know about this power couple. People were both sad and happy when their favorite Hollywood heartbreaker settled down. Luckily, he found a wife as incredible as Amal. She’s a human rights lawyer, speech-maker at the UN, and many more things aside from being Clooney’s wife. Their age gap is 17 years.
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce — This beloved musical duo is well-known as well. It’s difficult to say which one of them is more famous. They have wonderful children, and their age gap is 12 years. The couple have known each other ever since Beyonce was 18.
  • Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan — The CEO of Facebook knew better than to find a wife that’s just pretty. Priscilla is a known philanthropist as well as a former teacher and pediatrician. They’re only one year apart, which tells us that age gaps don’t have to be a thing when it comes to modern-age trophy wives.


Being a trophy wife used to mean you just need to be pretty to find a husband that will take care of you. Nowadays, that term has a completely different meaning. You have to be as accomplished as your partner to earn the title.

That also means that being a trophy wife isn’t a derogatory term anymore because it implies that the woman is just as successful as the man.