The Dos and Don’ts of Dating an Older Man

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There’s this notion that women in their 20s and 30s enjoy being with more mature, older guys. Sure, there’s no denying that some girls savor men with more experience. However, dating years-older partners can prove to be a bit tricky if you don’t level your expectations and needs. Hence, our article aims to explore the ins and outs of dating an older guy.

How Different It Really Is

It’s vital to understand that the concept of young women dating older men is still somewhat taboo. No matter if you live in the U.S. or the Middle East, some people will raise an eyebrow when they see you together. It’s a shame, unfortunately. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue such a relationship — your life, your choice.

On the other hand, relationships with older men don’t usually involve having children together. The thing is, considering their age, they probably already have a kid or two, and they’re looking for something else this time. Of course, this isn’t a rule, but you should keep this in mind when choosing to date an older man.

Nevertheless, there’s also sex. With more experience, older guys know their way around the bedroom better than young studs. This is also true to some extent; their age might keep them from performing every time. Most guys lose their intensity and sex drive when they turn 60.

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Do: Learn From Your Man

The age gap can be a pretty useful tool for you to mature more quickly. How? Well, their experience is much broader than yours; hence, you should be willing to absorb their knowledge. This doesn’t only involve social or economic topics, but also sexual stuff you might struggle with.

Like we’ve said, they know their way around a girl’s body. They had numerous relationships by now, and they’ll know how to satisfy you exceptionally. The life experience of an older guy is pretty valuable for younger women. So be ready to share and communicate on a deeper level.

Don’t: Ask About His Health

A common problem with dating older men is that their age comes with health problems. That’s completely normal since we all age and become prone to medical issues. However, this doesn’t mean that you should keep asking them about it. Why?

Well, they’re already aware of their age and health. Forcing these sorts of questions can only rock how they feel when they’re around you. No one likes to be reminded that they’re aging, so think before you act.

Do: Let Him Be the Man

It’s no secret that with age comes chivalry. Men enjoy being the ones who’ll take care of you, open doors, and pull chairs for you to sit on. No matter how independent you are (as you should be), there’s no point in denying them this satisfaction.

You see, the age difference means that their beliefs won’t always match yours, not only regarding social and political issues but gender roles too. So unless they’re a bigot or a misogynist, allow them this harmless role.

Don’t: Make Your Man Feel Older Than He Actually Is

Please, don’t ask him about WWII. Just don’t. Jokes aside, an age difference of 20 years is pretty large when it comes to life experiences. This doesn’t mean that you should perpetually remind them how old they are. It will only make the whole deal uncomfortable for both of you.

Guys who date younger women want to feel young. Breaking that illusion by asking about Vietnam or WWII is just rude. They know that you’re young and naive, but don’t make yourself look like a dumb millennial.

Do: Be Yourself

Another common mistake a younger woman can make is to act like she’s older than she is — you know, being dishonest about your interests. Don’t behave like you enjoy old tunes or movies because he’ll know it. Play it simple; be who you are.

The reason why he enjoys being with a younger girlfriend is that he likes how modern you are. If he wanted an older woman from his generation, he would have found at least one by now. Age gaps aren’t always potential problems, but they’re sometimes the thing that makes the two of you click.

Don’t: Use Childhood/Pop Culture References That He Will Never Get

It’s easy to feel lost when you’re older than others. All things relevant in your time are pretty much gone, and you’re left feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Some of the more obvious examples of this are pop culture references and childhood memories.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with some nostalgia of your own from time to time, but there’s no point in referencing something he won’t get. It will only make him feel even older than he is. So abstain from Harry Potter quotes, please.

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Do: Treat the Relationship the Same as You Would With a Guy Who’s Your Age

Lastly, combine all the things we’ve mentioned and act like you would with any other guy you’re dating. Don’t treat him like he’s older than you. Acting like that will only make the whole thing unstable and won’t allow you to enjoy your love for one another like you want to.

After all, no one enjoys feeling like they’re not normal. By emphasizing your age difference, you’ll be doing just that to him. Enjoy your lives the way you would with any other guy.