The Magic of Senior Sex

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Does sex improve with age like fine wine, or does it become nasty? Well, maintaining sexual health in senior years and talking about sex can actually lead you to some new experiences and exciting moments. While it’s true that our society pushes this issue to the side, it shouldn’t be something that stops you from having fun in the bedroom in your later years. In this article, we’ll explore the magic of senior sex and tackle some health issues that could prevent you from enjoying your life to its fullest. 

When Does the Fun Stop? 

For starters, men and women face several changes in their sex drive throughout their lives. They come as a result of several physical, psychological, and social factors. 

Generally, men’s sex drives usually peak in their 20s, but in turn, they also experience high levels of stress due to inexperience. And while female fertility peaks in the late 20s, their sex drive is actually the strongest in their 40s. Also, various studies have shown that older women are more likely to have intense sexual fantasies in their mid-40s. 

Interestingly, while men generally have a shorter life expectancy, they can enjoy sex for longer, according to one study. Starting from age 55, men could get another 15 years of wild sexual activity. Women, however, should only expect around 11 to 10 or less.

Still, age does take its toll on male erections after age 50. But, this example can emphasize that age is not the only factor that stops people from having sex. Erectile dysfunction from age 50 is linked to numerous underlying health problems. It doesn’t necessarily occur on its own as a result of age. The main causes are diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the side effects of medicine intended for those conditions.

If you’re a healthy man, you can still enjoy exciting, senior sex well into your 70s. Another good example of the age/sex issue is the fact that female sexuality doesn’t disappear. Women could experience spells of high sexual activity well into their 60s and beyond. 

While this subject is a bit sensitive for older people of both sexes, research usually concludes that it’s up to the individual to continue with their sexual adventures. That is, if you’re determined, the fun may never stop at all. 

What Changes? 

So what changes in the body of male seniors that affects performance? The truth is, there are many changes that are much less evident than a dry and wrinkled ball sack. Primarily, men can experience less frequent ejaculation along with shorter orgasms. Additionally, in your late 50s, you could witness longer recovery times after orgasms. The strength and duration of your erections could be affected. 

As mentioned, other medical conditions and possible medication side effects could cause ED and stop you from having erections. Furthermore, age could take its toll on the female vagina. The most common consequence is less natural lubrication and increased dryness. The vaginal walls could also become stiffer and thinner. This could lead to painful sensations during penetrative sex. What’s more, women could experience increased sensitivity across their entire body. That is, intercourse and touch could feel undesirable. It may take a long time until they reach orgasms too. If so, some experts recommend the use of sex toys like magic wands. 

Coming back to men, some may believe that testosterone levels are to blame for their decreased sex drive. But, in truth, scientists have not been able to find direct evidence of that. For example, some studies state that low T levels can affect libido negatively, while others have found that men with low T levels actually maintain a normal sex life. It’s possible that men could use pills after the age of 70 to maintain sexual health in senior years. 

Plus, there’s a wide range of other factors that could curb your enthusiasm for sex in later years. That can include hormonal changes, social factors, or even psychological issues. Some could become dissatisfied with their partner, while others may not be interested in sex due to stress that’s linked to family life. 

What Men Can Do to Improve or Maintain Sexual Health

So what can you do if you’re worried about getting old and not having sex? Well, if you’re thinking about what men should do to improve sexual health, the best advice is to start preparing early on. Try to live a healthy life with balanced diets and regular exercise. That will make you fit and ready for sex after the age of 60.

But, if you’re an older man, it’s advisable to consult a doctor and get a diagnosis or some expert advice on sexual health. And a fair warning — it’s better to ask a doctor for advice before you use any supplements for your erection. 

Moreover, it’s also important to talk about sex with your partner, even if it may seem uncomfortable at first. Seniors may not want to have sex at their age because of social pressures, and they may believe that it’s outright wrong. 

However, there’s no reason to deny sexual pleasure to yourself or your partner. Seniors can lead highly active and exciting sex lives. Many could say that there’s no better way to use your precious time than to hit the sack. It’s not embarrassing to be naked at your age or have wild and orgasmic sex, but it’s always important to discuss it with your partner to understand their perspective. 

Key Takeaways

Finally, each individual responds to sex differently. There’s no way of telling what will happen in your old age. But, if you love sex, it would be foolish to neglect it because it can bring you lots of pleasure and joy. It can also increase your emotional connection to your partner. So good luck and remember that you’re never too old to try new things and have fun!