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Breaking Free From Bad Relationship With Young Men [December 3, 2019]

In this Webinar: Identify patterns of recreating past dynamics in young romantic relationships. Learn how early attachment style influences attractions and behaviors. Understand how people may select, distort, and provoke partners to recreate old, familiar feelings. Recognize the role childhood defenses and the “critical inner voice” play in relationships.

How To Be More Loving To Younger People [January 2, 2020]

In this Webinar: Learn common barriers that get in the way of lasting love and effective strategies to achieve closeness. Most people believe they want love in their life, but most also face challenges that lead them to stop engaging in loving actions. The feelings between couples diminish when they stop treating each other well.

The Psychological Effects of Emotional Hunger [January 23, 2020]

In this Webinar: This Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone will help individuals and therapists make sense of the serious psychological consequences of emotional hunger and will clarify the confusion between what might look like love from real, nurturing love.

Finding Healthy and Satisfying Sexuality Through Younger Partners [February 5, 2020]

In this Webinar: How self-acceptance and understanding can lead to healthier, more fulfilling sexuality Sexuality is an important part of one’s identity, yet people often feel turned on themselves in relation to sex. While a person’s sexuality is unique to the individual, there are many ways that people struggle with their sexuality….

Overcoming Breakups and Rejection With Younger Men [March 1, 2020]

In this Webinar: By truly understanding the emotions triggered by a breakup or rejection, people can free themselves of much of their suffering and move on even stronger. For someone experiencing a breakup or rejection, the advice to “just get over it” can feel impossible.

The Loss of Pleasure: Attachment Relationship and Loss [April 25, 2020]

In this Webinar: We avoid the very thing we want – love – for fear of again experiencing a loss that once felt irreparable. Rather than accepting the loss of relationship as inescapable, a healthier response is to feel the sadness and protest the loss. Otherwise, this leads us to the loss of pleasure.

Understanding and Overcoming Relationship Anxiety With Young Partners [April 30, 2020]

In this Webinar: While the notion of falling in love can sound blissful, interpersonal relationships almost always challenge us in ways we don’t expect. Relationship anxiety can arise at various points in a relationship from the moment we first start dating to when we decide to make a symbolic commitment.

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