Why Women Go for Mature Men

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Ah, those men — choosing the ideal one is the eternal dilemma most females struggle with. We can and can’t do without them. Or do we not want to? When we say “femme fatale,”  the first thing that comes to mind is enchanting beauty, mysterious, attractive, irresistible — a woman that leaves you breathless… But what is that sweeps us, women, off our feet? Younger, taller, rich, or mature, experienced men?

Whatever the answer, one thing is certain — men and women cannot live without each other. Now, although chemistry is crucial, showing love and devotion seems to be the way to go for the long term. And who is most aware of these small, seemingly insignificant facts? Older, more mature people, of course! Oh, and all that experience just makes them even sexier! So let us show you what a real catch is!

Women Go for Mature Men, Not Necessarily Older

You have probably heard various “golden rules” when it comes to dating advice for women — “it is best when a man is 5–6 years older than a woman,” or “for marriage, seek an older guy.” But can real life disprove these stereotypes?

It is best not to judge people prematurely. If a couple has the same goals, happiness is next to guaranteed. However, some things will never go out of fashion. The advantage of older or more mature men is experience and gallantry, as well as that they are ready to invest in a relationship they start. A mature man usually has plenty of life experience, has a lot to share, and knows how to be supportive. He treats money more carefully and likely has goals he strives for (or has already achieved).

On top of that, after multiple relationships and/or marriages, he is more prepared for family life. His sophistication, experience, and knowledge of how to treat women sets him apart from the crowd. And last but not least, he will often provide women a richer, more fulfilling sex life!

Stable Career

Younger men often spend a lot of time “exploring the world,” discovering new things, trying to figure out what they want, and so on. Being young means always having the feeling that something better is coming. That is what often makes younger men insatiable and pliable.

However, older guys have gone past that and have more time for more serious steps, such as starting a family and working on their careers. Love is vital, indeed, but somehow, you need a few more things to fit in to be sure the person in question is right for you.

Most women want to be financially secure. When starting a family, they want to make sure they have enough funds to provide for themselves and their families. Older men are much better at that than younger ones. And why is that? Well, because they are likely already financially stable. Still, as we’ve mentioned, some younger men can achieve the same, but it’s much rarer.

Mature Men Know What They Want

Nothing can surprise a mature, experienced man. He knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t. All the years of experience have shaped him, which helps him make decisions more easily. Mature men are more stable and have less baggage in their lives. They don’t want to spend their or other people’s time on unnecessary games, and they are not ashamed to ask for advice or help if they need it. All of that combined is screaming stability!

On top of that, all of their experience in relationships brings knowledge. Older men are not afraid to say what they think and feel. They are more likely to have gone through their “wild phase” and want to settle down. That is why women who love older men appreciate the experience they’ve gained in previous relationships. That is perhaps their biggest advantage — recognizing things that could destroy love or save it. Mature men know how to avoid (or at least try to avoid) the same problems they have already gone through. And that makes the relationship a lot easier. They don’t waste time, and they certainly won’t waste yours. Fair enough?

They Are Experienced

There is almost no woman who, at one point in her life, has not at least seriously considered what it would be like to be in a relationship with a more experienced partner. That experience makes men more attractive and more desirable than others.

Dating older men is often a surefire way to ensure a more stable relationship. That is mostly because these men are better at managing finances, have an easier time putting the past behind, and are more forgiving. They are also mentally stronger and don’t bother with unimportant things. It’s not just about decency or courtesy — although women do find such gestures attractive.

Perhaps the real reason lies in the bedroom. After all, it takes a lot of time and experience for men to learn how to satisfy a woman the way she wants. They don’t repeat mistakes — they learn where they do wrong, which makes them more caring and thoughtful.

They Take Control of Almost Any Situation

Love requires patience, care, trust, and, sometimes, independence. However, younger men are known for their “all-or-nothing” way of thinking. Their barrages of feelings end up in emotional chaos.

If at least one person is willing to initiate a discussion wisely and calmly, there is hope that a relationship will last. Mature men know from experience how to get what they want and how to approach problems appropriately. In contrast, indecisive men are not sexy. Determined men are, and that’s it.

After all, you don’t want to waste time with someone who will take you to the city and spend the entire evening thinking about what to do and where to go. Experienced men will find an adequate solution for any occasion. Oh, and they will gladly share it with you. With someone older and wiser, you will be supported in every sense. You will have a lover, a friend, and a husband!